It’s hard being a mother. It’s easy to forget that I’m a person as well.

Dear Diary

It’s Faith here. I have decided to do something for myself and write down my feelings in a diary. I’m not working at the moment and I’m a lone parent to three children. The last few years have been a real struggle to provide for my family. My children are my whole world, and everything I do is to make sure they are taken care of, safe and happy. Being a lone parent and a carer is a massive responsibility and sometimes I ask myself: Am I doing this right?

Caring for someone feels like being on a rollercoaster ride. Except with a rollercoaster ride, you know there is someone at the control station.

Being a lone parent and a mother, the responsibility is all on my shoulders even though lots of the challenges we’ve faced as a family have been things completely out of my control. Housing is expensive. Childcare is expensive. And we’re a low-income family, so it’s all the harder to make ends meet.

It’s tough going because I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. I’ll often just turn off my phone and ignore my friends because it is too much for me to take. It’s hard being a mother. It’s easy to forget that I’m a person as well.

Talk soon,

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