Faith is a proud mother of three children but sometimes feels more like a gerbil on a wheel...


Life is difficult for many women in Ireland as they try to balance their role as a parent or carer with the many other responsibilities expected of them. The demands of life seem infinite. And our resources seem scarce. This can lead to seriously stressful situations where women’s health and wellbeing suffers. When women are lone parents, stress and suffering can be felt all the more.

This website gives insight into the difficulties faced by many lone parents. Here, we meet Faith, a lone parent of three children, previously homeless, who shares her diary entries for one week. Faith is a fictional character who has been created from the stories of real women. Faith’s experiences are genuine and they are currently being lived by women all around Ireland.

In sharing these experiences, we wish to highlight the challenge met by women like Faith. These are the women who find themselves locked in a battle for time, security and dignity. These are the women who, despite their limited resources, work hard to raise their children.

We believe that women like Faith should not have such limited resources. The policy-makers in our country make active choices that shape our lives. And there are many inequalities that need to be addressed swiftly.

If you share this opinion, please share Faith’s story. In doing this, you will highlight the many inequalities that need to be overcome. Work with us to stop Testing Faith, and all the women she represents.

Faith's Diary

Faith wrote a diary for one week, and she wants to share it with you.

Faith deserves to be heard

We think that Faith and all the people she represents throughout Ireland deserve to be heard. You can play your part by sharing this project on your favourite social media channel.

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