The REGAL project investigates the possibilities of achieving a better work-life balance for vulnerable groups. The existing measures to achieve a better balance are based on a ‘normal’ life situation: families who have regular work and are not in a precarious situation. These Work-Life-Balance (WLB) measures aim to achieve a high level of employability among women and men through a good balance between the needs of the family and the requirements of work. WLB concentrates on the time shortages of families (and especially women) to reconcile work and life.

The REGAL project departs from the precarious situation of families. The precarious situation is an additional barrier for achieving employment and a balanced Work-Life Balance. A precarious situation is determined in particular by poorer working conditions (irregular work), a poor housing situation and a poor financial situation. All these elements can be an obstacle to find a good WLB.

REGAL examines how measures can be taken within the WLB to ensure a better balance for these vulnerable families and to give them an incentive to be able to work.

REGAL – Regaining life for precarious women at work

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